Useful tools to create healthy habits and

increase efficiency in day-to-day life.

Small and consistent changes to routine have been shown to have excellent effects on the way useful habits are formed.


The Athletes For Life Resilience Program seeks to afford participants with useful tools in order to create enduring habits that test their resolve and create more efficiency in their day-to-day lives.

What is the purpose of the Program?


To allow the participants to build the mental resilience necessary to adjust to change, find opportunity in challenges and be the best versions of themselves.


By practicing various daily mindfulness and gratitude tasks, breath work and meditation techniques and physical activity, the program will equip the tools to build the mental and physical resilience to lead more proactive and positive lives.

Who is it for?

The Program is for all those looking to incorporate new techniques into their daily lives, possibly those seeking to address personal issues such as motivation and drive and those looking to try something different. The program is for everyone.

How to participate and engage?


The first step to engage with the A4L Resilience Program is to follow our official Instagram account and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Through those channels and on our website blog, you will be able to follow our weekly videos and articles which will contain mindfulness and gratitude tasks, breath work and meditation techniques as well as physical workouts sequences.

You can then take your experience with the Program further by making videos or photos of your practices and tagging #A4Lresilienceprogram and @athletesforlife26.2. We will share the posts from participants around the world and generate extra motivation for the weeks to come! The Program is completely free and our specialists are always here to offer personal support.

Who developed it?

The program seeks to provide the most up to date information in the health and wellbeing space and therefore seeks to engage industry professionals across various fields to have the most effective and expert guidance.


Connect with A4L Resilience Program

> Follow us on Instagram at @athletesforlife26.2

> Stay tuned to our Blog, here on our website

> Subscribe to our Youtube channel


> Watch our videos and exercise your mental and

physical health from home, daily.



Share and support

>Register your practice and share it with us by posting with the tags #athletesforlife and #A4Lresilienceprogram

> Support others and push yourself towards more healthy habits


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