The Concussion Clubhouse is a safe, empowering and supportive environment for athletes who may have been exposed to traumatic brain injury to voice their concerns and communicate their challenges in order to actively support each other.

Established alongside Stevie Ward and Joe Williams, the Clubhouse seeks to ensure that those who may be suffering symptoms of too many concussions have a place to come to which they can communicate together. 


Exposure to repeated brain injury often results in those experiencing challenges surrounding the issue having no place to turn to and suffering in silence - what better place to turn to than their former teammates, and even former foes to support each other on the journey to recovery, collectively.


Stevie Ward 


Being forced to step away from Rugby League, the game he loved, whilst captaining his hometown team due to too many concussions, Stevie is still on his journey to recovery two years later. An esteemed career winning English Super League Grand Finals and the Challenge Cup, Stevie should have been at the peak of his powers when he retired, not searching for cures for his challenges surrounding too many concussions. 

Having established Mantality in 2016 after experiencing depression and anxiety, Stevie has a passion for helping men explore their vulnerabilities by communicating their challenges surrounding mental health - a passion he will bring to the Concussion Clubhouse, even when his challenges are still very raw surrounding the issue.

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Joe Williams


Participating in both Rugby League and Boxing at the elite level meant Joe's exposure to traumatic brain injury was extensive. Suffering in silence pushed Joe to the depths of despair, where drugs, alcohol and excessive behaviours almost took over his life. 

It wasn’t a suicide attempt in 2012 that would take over Joe’s life, it was his service, service to suicide prevention, mental health and First Nations awareness and empowerment that would. A proud Wiradjuri/Wolgal, First Nation Aboriginal man, Joe has used his platform to inspire others through his foundation, The Enemy Within and ensure he empowers the next generation. Joe will bring a unique perspective to the Concussion Clubhouse, one which is rich in dealing with transgenerational trauma, suicide prevention and of course, his experience with concussion.