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A4L on The Sydney Morning Herald

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Get an inside look at our Athletes For Life co-founder's pots-career struggles, perspectives and how he decided to take action in order to help other former athletes.

by Andrew Webster

On the surface, Nick Youngquest seamlessly transitioned from professional rugby league player to everyday life.

His career after football was far more glamorous than the generations before him who bought a pub, went back on the tools, became personal trainers or coached in the bush.

Within months of retiring in 2012, the journeyman winger was thrust into the world of modelling as the face of Paco Rabanne's men's fragrance Invictus.

"The first shoot I did was at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, evoking this character who's a champion and a winner," Youngquest said. "When I was in front of the camera the first day, I was shitting myself. I went from playing a working-class game to being in front of a crew of 200 people."

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