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Why ‘Team for Kids’?

It’s bigger than just the race itself…by Nick Youngquest

Courtesy of Team for Kids

Growing up in Australia, many of us are afforded the opportunity to participate in sport on so many levels. Whether it is community soccer or rugby on the weekends, swimming lessons or gymnastics after school or the variety of sports played in physical education classes at school - we develop a healthy and meaningful connection to sport, and the subsequent lessons it provides.

Teamwork, dedication and the ability to challenge ourselves through practice to improve are traits that many of us lean on daily. Sport is the foundation of our lives growing up, emulating athletes we see on the screen in the various sports we are able to engage with, but ultimately, allowing us to lead overall healthy lifestyles.

These foundations we speak of are critical to the younger generations in our community, allowing them to successfully express themselves through sport and connect deeply with themselves and those around them.

Running 2019 New York City Marathon and participation at Rising New York Road Runners event on Global Running Day, 2019

‘Team for Kids’ facilitates Rising New York Road Runners programs for children across New York City who are not afforded the same opportunities. Many schools have no physical education departments, meaning the only engagement with physical activity for many kids is through the no-cost after school programs run by ‘Team for Kids’.

This shocked me living in New York, how could this be the case in ‘the best city in the world’? This shock led me to becoming ambassador for ‘Team for Kids’ in 2017, supporting the charity in all the races I would run, especially the biggest and best in the world - the TCS New York City Marathon.

Every year, thousands of runners flock to New York City to run for ‘Team for Kids’, having such a dramatic impact on the lives of these children, an impact that many don’t often get to see for themselves. I was able to see this impact; from visiting schools and participating in events, to giving away 7,500 pairs of running shoes a year to those who needed it the most.

It’s bigger than just the race itself… by Nick Youngquest many of our team coming from Australia to support ‘Team for Kids’. As retired athletes, we know all too well the impact sport can have on society, our dedication to training and running the 42.2-kilometre course in New York City is proof of that. We hope you can support the cause, too.


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