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Athletes for Life allows sport to speak to society in a way like never before. Improving the landscape of sport’s ability to influence, we leverage sports number one asset in order to amplify philanthropy: COMMUNITY. 


Collectively, athletes, sporting teams and governing bodies can do better – According to No2ndPlace, only 11% of Australians believe sport has been effective at bringing awareness to the challenges which society faces – something that needs addressing. 


“82% of Australians believe sport has the ability to raise awareness of societal issues and subsequently make a difference in society” - No2ndPlace 


Through the development of our online, evidence-based conditioning programs, Athletes for Life will change the dynamic. Empowering the younger generation with systematic and engaging content pieces throughout our ecosystem, coupled with lived-experiences from inspiring sportspeople, our targeted and structured approach to improving health and wellbeing exists to change lives. 

The foundation also focuses on helping athletes make more successful and positive choices once sport is no longer available to them professionally. Our targeted approach to athletic identity transformation lives through our online conditioning program, Next Chapter, developed specifically for elite sportspeople, all while empowering retired athletes to take on new endurance challenges for charity, which provides a great mechanism to healthily re-engage with sport in retirement.

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