At Athletes For Life, we believe that re-engagement with sport can have a dramatic impact on the post-career lives of former athletes. Through a combination of targeted psychological development, and structured physical training and participation, we are dedicated to helping former athletes work through various challenges faced upon the termination of their professional sporting career.


An athletes platform shouldn’t cease to exist on cessation of their sporting career. The skills, behaviours and attributes developed over a lifetime in pursuit of high performance can have broad ranging applications for future success outside of sport. Our physical and psychological programs are specifically targeted at cultivating and applying these attributes in different environments, opening up future pathways for success and impact.

"An empowering ecosystem promoting

athletic identity transformation"

Our mission is to create pathways and support networks that help retiring athletes combat the challenges faced when transitioning away from sport and their athletic identity, and in doing so create a platform for their future growth, success and impact outside of professional sport.

Through our physical event participation programs, we leverage the structure, training and team based attributes of the professional sporting experience to effectively redirect the focus of the athlete to causes and objectives outside of sport. This opens up rich new pathways for athletes to continue to grow and perform at the highest level.