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A 30 day online conditioning and accountability program that will expertly guide you step by step through transforming your athletic identity to create your Next Chapter.

For athletes, life is not always predictable, and growth happens outside your comfort zone. When you step into uncertainty proactively you feel empowered and confident. Your internal motivation will guide you towards growth.


Supported by 25 years of research and development, the program is designed using the science of transformation and a rock solid foundation in time tested principles of cognitive, behavioural, and social psychology, to create long lasting results. Guided by a proven process, participants will define who they are, who they desire to be and harness their infinite capability required to expand their identity.

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Create goals and get lasting results using a scientific foundation of:

Social Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Understanding human behaviour and motivation

In this program, participants will be supported by:


Tom Kerr

Health and wellness expert,

former professional rugby player


Renee Gartner

Professional boxer, TV presenter and media coordinator


Drew Mitchell


former professional rugby player

Next Chapter helps participants to:

           Understand “who am I”

          Transform and expand identity
Create a compelling vision for the
          future, the next chapter

          Increase self belief and confidence
Have a greater self awareness and
          develop a growth mindset

In just 30 days, participants will:

Build new habits, attitudes, routines and
rituals for success

Develop resilience and emotional
intelligence to overcome challenges or

Master their mood and state of being
Cultivate gifts, skills and influence
that allow them to be valuable in any arena
Develop success mechanisms for
setting and reaching goals

Athletes For Life team at Endure For a Cure 2020 edition

Program Demo Video 

Explore and Expand

Expand athletic identity by understanding how identity is formed and the principles and process of long-lasting transformation



Generate success mechanisms

allowing to break habits and patterns which may hold one back to push through resistance and grow resilience in the face of adversity to become their new identity



Establish new attitudes and actions allowing for intelligent risks to be taken to begin living one’s Next Chapter

$ 995


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At Athletes for Life we believe that prevention is better than a cure, and that the early anticipation, development and management of the broad range of psychological challenges facing young athletes is critical to minimising the incidence of later onset issues, and maximising performance across the athletes career. This is not just about issues management. Emerging science suggests that the cultivation of a broad sense of identity in young athletes not only minimises future issues, but supports increased resilience in the individual lives and athletic pursuits. 


Our Emerging Athlete program will be a targeted online program with one-to-one support, aimed at effectively equipping athletes that are taking that next step in their careers with the knowledge skills and tools required to face the many psychological and environmental challenges that they will face as they move to the next level and beyond.


Register your interest now to be notified of updates or participate in early trials.

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