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Enduring for a Cure

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

What a day it was!

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We are passionate about making a positive difference in our community and that is the main reason we decided to partner up with the Children's Cancer Institute. On our first participation in Endure For a Cure, our team was able to raise over AU$ 18,000 for the institutes’ childhood cancer research and programs!

After such an amazing day riding as a team for a great cause, the first thought that comes to our mind is THANK YOU. To our supporters and friends who donated. To our team who endured for a cure, cycling together for 6 hours. And, most of all, to the CCI and its amazing work that inspires us further to advocate for the causes we believe in.

Although the Endure For a Cure ride is completed, our mission to raise awareness and funds for CCI's research goes until the end of this month. Our official team page for the event is online and you can click here to donate and support of the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to putting an end to childhood cancer.


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